Danny Pyatt – Owner/Head Coach


Sports built the foundation to my childhood, always looking for the next challenge I skipped across a range of activities, Rugby played a big part in developing the mental strength and discipline required to excel in the health and fitness industry, with a need to succeed and desire to push the boundaries Crossfit fed my competitive spirit and soon I found I had got the bug ! After weightlifting for many years and a background in gymnastics I knew this was for me, this led me to completing my Crossfit level 1 & Crossfit weightlifting coaching course and ive never looked back since !

Troy Davies – Coach 


My relationship with sport started as soon as I could walk. I was involved in anything competitive, my objective to always to be the best I could!

As a kid, football, was my first true love. I played at a respectable standard and as soon as I was old enough I joined my local gym. Here, I developed my passion for lifting weights, pushing my limits and seeing what I was mentally & physically capable of.

From there I spent a small stint in the British Army where my boundaries found new limits, I was really pushed to new levels and allowed me to learn to live outside my comfort zone. It was an environment that I thrived in, a test of character and a true game of survival of the fittest.

Still searching for that ultimate challenge, a friend recommended that I try CrossFit! Well my first taster included thrusters and burpee’s and I’ve been obsessed ever since!!

After developing my own skills, I wanted to help others feel the great satisfaction I’d felt. I completed my Level 1 qualification and now I love nothing more than helping others to develop their skills and become better athletes.

Joe Ellwood – Coach 

joe bio

I started CrossFit with very little athletic background, I had played some rugby but I was overweight and fitness always let me down. I started going to the gym with my brother and loved it, I always wanted to push harder and lift heavier. I met Tim (the founder of CFA) when looking around for a new gym, within five minutes of talking to me he told me that this was for me, in the first three weeks I went from training 4 times a week to 12, so I guess he was right, I was hooked ! I am now a Junior National weightlifting competitor and finished in the top 4% of the world in the CrossFit open, only 2 years into training this is the start of good things to come. After completing my Level 1 I found a love for coaching and am privileged to get paid to do something I am genuinely passionate about, I like to hold my classes to a high standard and aim for every member to better understand their own body and move closer to their personal goals each day.

Jamie Lowry – Coach 

Jamie bio photo
CrossFit has been a huge part of my life. It’s even gone so far that I now study Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University with an ambition to pursue a career in elite sport. I knew I wanted to coach since my first CrossFit Competition when I was 15. I did my Level 1 at 17, which was as soon as I could. I love seeing all the members of the gym progress and better their health. Whether that’s someone hitting a sub 3 Fran or successfully doing their first full Overhead Squat with an empty bar. 5 years on since I started, I have had some great opportunities with CrossFit and hope to continue to become a better coach and athlete. My favourite thing about our box is the amazing people within it. The coaching team are top class and the community is great.
Carla Legland – Coach 
Level 1 Crossfit Trainer & Kids Crossfit Trainer
After attending my first CF session just over 3 years ago I was immediately hooked. I’ve never felt fitter and healthier both mentally and physically. I enjoy competing in numerous Crossfit comps throughout the year, and love the Crossfit Ascot Community. I have a passion for coaching, helping members reach their goals and improving their fitness on a day to day basis. I particularly enjoy teaching kids, crossfit is a fun, enjoyable way to keep fit and healthy.